“Floating” is all about the price of prosperity!

There is always a price to pay for things in life. Instead of price tags, Hong Kong fusion artist Cecilia Yu (余詠詩) and professional Scottish Artists are using art to convey the message. It is no secret that China is blooming, but do you want to know the twists of old & new behind it? Check out the exhibition hosted by ChinaNow! in Scotland.

“The slogan: ‘The price of prosperity’- provides the artists with unique reflections about living in the global economy with a focus on China’s economic boom.”

Check out “Floating” at Patriot Hall Gallery in Edinburgh from February 21 to March 5 Opening hours: 12 – 6pm.

Free Admission

For more information about the exhibition, go to:


One response to ““Floating” is all about the price of prosperity!

  1. Hi Antonio,

    Some Mainland chinese person stole my profile picture on facebook to impersonate me! Omigod!

    So facebook ‘s libel team has moved in & locked down the profile until they trace the “imposter”! Omigod!

    So this is my contact details:

    Oh! I’ve been accepted with my “Love without a heart?” show for Aug 08 International Edinburgh Art Festival. So I am happy but still miss Hong Kong and would like to exhibit in Hong kong!!!

    please don’t lose touch…god knows how serious this “libel” thing on facebook gets!

    Btw I am listing this link for the PR team here in the UK if that is okay with you?


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