Pleasure Cup: The Future of Masturbation

tenga onacups masturbation

To begin with, Tenga Onacups don’t feature a porn model with watermelons for breasts licking a banana suggestively on their packaging. In fact, Tenga Onacups resemble stylish male grooming products so much so that you no longer have to worry about being humiliated by overzealous immigration officers at the airport if you decide to bring them along for your holiday (unlike say a two-headed electric dildo). Each of the five onacupscomes with a self-explanatory name: Deep Throat, Rolling Head, Soft Tube, Double Hole and Air Cushion.

The Air Cushion Onacup gives the user a “clinging sensation by regulating the air pressure within the chambers of the cup while the Soft Tube Onacup allows the user to control and vary the tightening sensation based on the tightness of the grip.” The Double Hole Onacup is a two-in-one cup that offers two different sensations: If you prefer it tight (like from behind), go for the “Bitter Side” and if you prefer a hole with the elasticity of a pair of loose granny panties, then go for the “Sweet Side”.

The Deep Throat Onacup which comes with a vacuum to create a “sucking sensation” and features an unintentionally hilarious “slurping sound” to recreate that deep throat experience. The Rolling Head Onacup incorporates a flexible body that allows the user to try out different rolling motions at the top to increase the range of stimuli to the penis head while executing piston-like up-and-down movements at the base of the cup.

Unfortunately, the onacups are only good for a one-time sexperience unless you make a quick withdrawal prior to ejaculation or choose to wear a condom (now where’s the fun in that?). But again this allows the user need not clean up bed sheets and such afterwards.

For the official web site of the company, click here

Cross section of the Tenga Deep Throat cup

9 responses to “Pleasure Cup: The Future of Masturbation

  1. Oh man..
    Who ever invented this is (kinda) a genius..

  2. I bought one online a couple of weeks ago the price is very affordable. It is definitely stylish and feels really good.

  3. I bought it from this place They sell it cheaper than alot of the other places.

  4. Nice review!!! I just got one from too thanks to nerdCore’s link. I’ve compared a couple of sites and toydemon seems to have the best price. I cant wait.

  5. You should do a new review on Tenga’s new flip hole, I wanna see some reviews before I buy one. Thanks nerdCore for the link their prices are pretty sweet.

  6. The site has been selling them forever, has the best prices, and (maybe the best part?) has AMAZINGLY realistic love dolls for $6k a pop! Check out the Tenga FlipHole while yer at it 😉

  7. Read the reviews. Click on me

  8. I bought my tenga from this website and their service is the best so far. Definitely recommend it.

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