Starving your dogs is art?

In 2007, Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, a so called artist, took an abandoned dog from the streets, tied him to a very short rope to a wall in an art gallery, and left a kettle of food on the other side of the room, beyond his reach, and left him there to slowly die of hunger and thirst.

The so-called artist of such cruelty and the visitors of the gallery of art watched the agony of this animal. The dog finally died of famine, surely after a painful, absurd and incomprehensible torture.

The prestigious Centralamerican Biennial of Art decided that this horrible act committed by this guy was art, and Guillermo Vargas Habacuc has been invited to repeat his cruel actions in said Biennial in 2008.

Here’s the article and the petition.

15 responses to “Starving your dogs is art?

  1. this is definitely animal cruelty.. i dont understand why an art institute would even stand for this! or even the visitors would stand for it… this is wrong and needs to be stopped before it happens again!!

  2. what is happenng to the human race when we can stand 2 feet freom a starving dog and take no action what type of art do you call this. this man should be procuited are tied up like the dog that he is

  3. disgusting… The “artist” is an idiot. He is so stupid, that he should be laced and let 20 days without drink and food. And all the people who have visited this exposition should be ashamed of themselves…

  4. i cant beleive human could look at a anilmal and even think about this. this is killing living creatures. i am a artist and this is NOT art. this is a sign of a maniac. how many hhumans has he killed? hes planning to kill another dog and is taking creadit for it as art? no… he needs to be stopped.

  5. Repulsive, repulsive and sad. Repulsive that someone could have the gall to tie up and starve a dog and call it art, and sad because….the dog died..for what i would say is pure laziness. Guillermo is simply a lazy cruel and stupid bastard. Artists create art, this guy…good lord i have no further words..

  6. This has to be the worst thing i have ever seen. how can someone do that to a poor animal, and call it art. This is such cruelty, this man should be put in jail. Insted of torchering abandoned dogs, help them and bring them to a vet hospital and that dog can be sent to a home where it could be loved. But no you cut that poor dog or its life.

  7. Sandra Terblanche

    This “artist” is insane, a murderer and a killer of God’s creations. He should be locked away for the rest of his life , maybe tied to a rope and nailed to a wall with no food or water. The poor dog!!! Wish I could save him. Pitty I live in South Africa, so far away.

  8. I’m disappointed at the number of people that blindly believe anything they read on the internet. People should investigate more into topics before they get outraged.

  9. Why he did not help the poor dog???
    How could he put him like this????
    And he calls himself artist???I would be better if he had fed the dog and gave him water,many other people would hve done do the same…..and maybe would have saved onether dog..

    And how could anyone watch the dog suffer????

  10. It was really cruel for him to do that to the dog,
    but what lots of people overlook is that the dog LIVED.
    Unlike the hundreds of thousands of children that die every day from starvation.
    we should be taking the time to save THOUSANDS of lives of people, not the life of ONE dog.

    Get over yourselves.

  11. aisxossssssssss/////o anthrwpos einai trelos!!!!!

  12. what an idiot it doesnt matter if the dog lives or dies he still had to go through being roped to the wall. He could have just fed it or let it go and hope somebody else did. So HE IS AN A** for doing that

  13. You people are stupid…
    This dog was TORTURED
    This happened!!!!
    “Oh we fed it”
    “Oh we let it go”
    yeah, right
    “It’s just one dog”
    how many others will be tortured this way???
    would YOU want to be treated like this!?
    “No, I would speak up, I would fight back”
    the dog couldn’t.
    Don’t you see???
    This is animal cruelty!
    That dog is skin and bones whether it lived or not!!!
    who could be so cruel…

  14. Judith Hollister

    This dog was not killed. Here is another story that makes pet lovers look crazy!

    The artist used a stray dog for one day at the event to focus on how if you bring a stray dog off the street and into a gallery the attention is more noticeable and powerful towards the neglect of these animals.

    The stray escape that night when moving it out of the gallery when the exhibition closed for the night.

    It was not killed, it ran away like a lot of strays do after you try and hold them to look for their owners or like a wild dog would.

    The dog was not starved to death. American ignorance at it’s best.

  15. This kind of cruelty is definitely unnaceptable. And whoever calls this “art” definitely needs a no-return trip to the asylum.

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