DayJet Air Taxi is now available!

dayjet air taxi jet plane united states

So when American Airline is in trouble and Oasis Airline closing down, we should be thankful that there’s still an option of viable air-taxi service by a new company called DayJet. The Atlantic Monthly’s James Fallows asserts that, by using its fleet of tiny Eclipse 500 Jets to shuttle passengers back and forth to wherever they want to go and whenever they want to get there, DayJet is one of the first companies to offer such service to United States.

The problem with taxis, whether on ground or in sky, is that it can be costly. states that DayJet’s service may cost about twice as much as a standard flight. On top of that, it is currently limited to the southeast corner of the country of United States.

2 responses to “DayJet Air Taxi is now available!

  1. Expensive but convenient….just like taxi

  2. Dayjet a bad nightmare and I know people that will freak out in one of its flights..
    The high cost of fuel and 3 seats and no bathroom is a great formula for no money.. I can’t believe people would think this is a good business. The customer service management is run by a dope who has no clue in aviation feild. This is all a hype and gimmick to get you to invest and hope for ipo …

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