Nightwish: The Islander

This is the third music video from their newest album Dark Passion Play. The lead singer for this single is not Anette though (no, not Tarja either!), but Marco. If you’re familiar with Nightwish, it’s no doubt that Marco is good at heavy metal and hard rock. Yet I was never sure about him with songs like this (remember his scary performance in “While Your Lips Are Still Red”?) He truly delivered in this song though, showing he can sing outside his comfort zone. Reminds me of how Tarja always sings as if she’s telling a story. Rock on, Marco.

The single is out on May 21st

nightwish dark passion play the islander

5 responses to “Nightwish: The Islander

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  2. brings me into the song…..very prophetic…beautiful! marco .who wrote this song?

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  4. stregoni3enefici

    shame Tarja left the band…she was such a catch. although i do like anette Tarja made Nightwish one of a kind band… 😦 now it’s all ruined and too normal

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