Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren Going Rainbow for Gay Pride

ralph lauren gay

The retail community decided they would participate in the Gay Pride week in New York City this year. The Ralph Lauren boutique down on Bleecker Street in the West Village features mannequins who are wearing Polo shirts in rainbow colour.

Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs is also selling a T-shirt featuring the Confederate Flag in rainbow colors. The store features a giant poster with Jacobs in high heels, a graphic patterned fur coat, an amusing hat and a face full of makeup.

Shophound reports; “Can Marc’s peerless fashion clout make the rainbow flag hip once again by presenting it in a twisted, vaguely paradoxical, potentially controversial way?

marc jacobs gay pride marc jacobs gay pride flag

2 responses to “Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren Going Rainbow for Gay Pride

  1. You ready think they went rainbow to show support to gay pride? I think just was a marketing tool to make more sell during pride! Don’t be fooled by what you see, there is always a hidden message behind what you see!

  2. Miguel, the message is never hidden. Why are retail stores open? Obviously is to sell (and there’s nothing wrong with that, they didn’t force anyone to buy buy putting on rainbow colours.) What you said it’s just the same as saying a store having a Santa during Xmas in their store is a hidden message to get people to buy more in the holiday season. It is a marketing plan, but they are not trying to “fool” anyone.

    They sell, we buy. It’s a fair game. I don’t think it’s a bad thing if they’re trying to be gay friendly in order to earn more pink money. Why would I want to go against gay-friendly brands?

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