US5 Around the World Without Robin Gibb

International boyband US5 has just released their album “Around the World’. Following their huge success in the past, Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb decided to sing in their single “Too Much Heaven” from their previous album. When the world thought the time of boybands has come to its demise, US5’s international success and awards received prove otherwise.

Below is the clip of their newest single, Round and Round. This time they’re on their own without good old Robin Gibb.

5 responses to “US5 Around the World Without Robin Gibb

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  2. pieso q ustedes son fantastic principalmente richie!!!

  3. la verdad no son fantasticos pero tampoco son malos, les recomiendo a los jonas brothers

  4. la verdad yo les recomiendo que sigan a US5 ya que ellos so saben cantar y los jonas brothers no, les recomiendo que sepan identificar a las buenas voces.

  5. Son muy buenos 🙂 me encantan
    IZZY (L) (:

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