Pete Wentz: Gay Circus Act

Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy has landed the cover story of the August 2008 issue of OUT Magazine. In the interview, he talks about sexuality, his childhood and Andy Warhol:

“Warhol impacted you in the ’80s whether you wanted or not,” he says, but after seeing Piero Manzoni’s Merda d’artista (literally, cans allegedly filled with “artist’s shit”) as a kid, he followed the theme to Warhol. Tributes to his hero fittingly run the gamut, from T-shirts — one has Warhol’s name across the chest of a baseball-style jersey; another is a set of cartoon monster portraits with “Warholier than thou” as tagline — to a new bar with an underground space modeled after Warhol’s less glamorous hangout, Max’s Kansas City.”

7 responses to “Pete Wentz: Gay Circus Act

  1. Out, the magazine working to undermine gay people. You not only put a straight person on the cover for the trillionth time and have that person tell what gay people are you also put a dergatory word for gay people on the cover. The message to gay people is straight people are the deciders of everything and are more valuable than you.

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  3. i agree with man. also, pete wentz parading as if he knows what the fuck art is. what emo kid DOESN’T like andy warhol, he’s great but pete is just another annoying stereotype with too much money. out magazine sucks.

  4. Pete Wentz is a true emo rocker

  5. Pete Wentz is a talentless idiot who only knows how to play bass guitar and act and look like a gorilla

  6. pete wentz
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    yOuu Hatee Hiim</3
    Haterss Keep yOurr OPiiNiiOn
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    // iiF yOou dOn''t hav3,,
    ANYTHiiNG NiiCE tOo Say; </3
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  7. m a y b e y Ou r w r i s t s w O n ” t b l e e d

    t h r O u g h t h e m i r r O r

    ii n t h e f l a m e s


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