Wicked Coming to Big Screen

The popular and totally wicked Broadway musical Wicked is moving on to big screen, following other successful musicals such as Chicago, Hairspray and Mama Mia!

According to Paybill News, this new production will be handled by Marc Platt Productions for Universal Pictures: “Universal Pictures production president Donna Langley told the industry paper, “Our goal now is absolutely to make the Wicked film, but much like Judy Craymer wouldn’t give up screen rights to Mamma Mia! until the stage show had reached its pinnacle, Marc and Stephen Schwartz are very mindful of the right timing. But we’re dying to do it.”

Below is the clip Defying Gravity from the musical by the London cast. Just to remind you how amazing the musical is:

2 responses to “Wicked Coming to Big Screen

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    Here are the links:

    So any body will go to see it again??

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