Are You Ready for Hot Boyz Party?

With a slogan “No Boring party. Never less than 1000 boyz“, who can resist Hot Boyz Party? Created by the founder of Red Ant Events, the vision is to organize parties to welcome the new Chinese era and demonstrate that the Chinese government respects the LGBT community. The last event was a foam party (and we know how fun that is!). Look out for the beach party from 16-17 of August.

Click here to check out their Facebook Group

3 responses to “Are You Ready for Hot Boyz Party?

  1. Correction to last comment…Are you going to the party? I think it would be loads of fun. Even though I will be betwwen HK and China during this time. I will not be able to make it.

  2. Not sure, I’m not a big fan of the beach. (love long walks on the beach at night but being out on the beach under such sun is not my thing)

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