Janice Dickinson Plus Gay Deaf Model

So while Tyra is having a transgender contestant on the coming season of ANTM, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency is back and signing an openly gay and deaf model.

AFTERELTON reports “Martin is also the first deaf model to appear on the show, and it will no doubt be interesting to see how navigating a modeling career may hold special challenges for a deaf person. Janice is also moving in with the models this season, adding a Big Brother-style element to the show … which of course is just guaranteeing trouble.

Oh my, I could never imagine what’s living with THE Janice Dickinson is going to be like.

3 responses to “Janice Dickinson Plus Gay Deaf Model

  1. I think “gay deaf” men are hot. Someone who can talk with their hands is beautiful. Honestly I don’t see any problem with a deaf man or woman modeling. Being deaf doesn’t make you undesirible in any means. I used to be in gymnastics and one of my fellow tumblers was deaf and he could perform with the best of them. I think signing a deaf man or woman, would be a smart move for any modeling agency.

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  3. It is great that this guy is being showcased but he is certainly being exploited.

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