Mr. Aquarium

Self Portrait series: Dark Rose

Some old work:

I’m still learning…

3 responses to “Photography

  1. Interesting pics, you’re a good photographer. Are these the original, uncropped photos, or do you crop or otherwise manipulate them digitally?

    Either way, good job, I enjoyed looking at them. 🙂

    Thanks! I did not crop most of them (other than a few of the close ups). The old photos in my second slide were given a white boarder by the slides but that’s it in terms of manipulation 🙂 It’s kinda hard to get a perfect picture when the photographer and the model were myself though, I’ll do more on other people next time! (But hard to get others to take off their shirts for me LOL)

  2. You need more photographs! Jesus A, get Going! You’re much younger, fitter, cuter AND in a much ‘better’ city/environment for photography, so why aren’t you out there in the canyons and valleys and hills of HK? Click Click Click Click Click!

  3. I liked your underwater photos, I have long wanted to start taking photo under water

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