“Oh, sweet Christabel. Share with me your poem.
For I know now, I’m a puppet on this silent stage show.
I’m but a poet who failed his best play.
A Dead Boy, who failed to write an ending
To each of his poems.”


I started doing poetry in high school, as a project for literature class. As I was always perceived as one of the happiest people in the class, I decided to do something different. I wrote a collection of dark poems and realized that I enjoyed it so much that I kept doing it even high school was over. Here is one that I decided to share.


The dimness and miseries that could never be understood
They exist within my heart and soul
I am Pluto
Forgotten by the Sun
Banished and outcast

Floating in space and gazing through the distant light
The Sun used to grant me warmth
It turned gloomy,
It turned hazy.

Orbiting in the forever darkness
Realizing that the universe has no ends
Circulating around your light
Realizing that you are always so remote

Light-years away,
Where the air and sunshine lies
Was once the scene that I breathed
The Sun had once shone on me
But it turned dim, it turned vague

I am Pluto
Abandoned by your gravity
Pushed out to the furthest spot
Leaving no sign of life

One response to “Poetry

  1. I like this very much. I like the use of repetition and the concept of ambiguity. Interesting what has happened to Pluto’s status since you wrote it.

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