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Just when I thought it’s over….

I admit I was surprised when I saw Edison Chen’s name on the headlines today. The Standard has reported an article which said “Chen sex scandal spawns copycat”. It’s basically about a university student’s sex tape was leaked and being circulated just like Chen’s case.

From how I see it, if Chen’s scandal was a prime time television show, these other sex-tapes/photos circulation stories are the spin-offs. Though the scandal is pretty much over and has reached its finale, the audience are left wanting some more. Thus these stories being able to make headlines. Seriously, these stories wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for Mr. Chen.

The beginning of an end of Edison’s scandal

Finally! A day without Edison Chen’s scandal in the top news (in HK anyway). I would like to take an entry to highlight some of the “by-products” that show the extent of the scandal.

Note: The scandal even makes headlines on one of the 10 most influential newspaper of the world, Neue Zurcher Zeitung.

Parodies were made upon the scandal


Chen was accompanied by police officers on his way to his press conference. The amount of officers would make one think the President was passing by