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The Sims 3: Official Trailer Released

It’s coming in 2009 but people around the world are already hyped about The Sims 3. The official EA site has just released a new video trailer yesterday and it’s better than ever. Step outside the the box and limitations of the old Sims and get ready for a whole new Sims world. Watch out for the guy with make-up, I have a feeling that he would be one of the main characters in the upcoming game. Check out the all-new screenshots, blogs from the developers, cool stuff, and more from The Sims 3 Team. And yes, the annoying jogger still runs past your house every morning.

SMiLe.dk Strikes Back this Summer

smile.dk doki doki

2008 is the year of come backs, with Cyndi Lauper, Paula Abdul and now SMiLe.dk.  I’m sure you have danced to the songs like “Butterfly” and “Boys” on DDR. The dance group that swept the world of DDR is coming back after a long break, with their brand new single “Doki Doki.”  They will be performing live at San Japan, an anime convention located in San Antonio, Texas, USA, on August 9th, 2008 (visit http://www.san-japan.org for more info).

You can listen to their songs from Doki Doki on their website. The party starts August 2008!

Dead Fantasy III: The Poster

dead fantasy 3

After the first two episodes of “Dead Fantasy” which includes the girls from“Final Fantasy” as well as the girls from the 3D fighting game series, “Dead or Alive,” people are longing for the third episode. I’m sorry to tell you that the third episode is not here yet, but here’s something that will make you look forward to the third episode: A poster with the theme of  “Wrath of the Fiend Ninja.” It is also the cover of the DVD which includes a teaser of the episode created by Monty Oum.

“The Sims 3” announced

the sims 3

Yep, it’s official. The game which took almost 3 years for the game engine to be made is coming in 2009. The Sims 3 allow unique sims to walk around their neighbourhoods. We now know:

1) Seamless, lively new neighbourhoods

2) Entirely new “create a sim”

3) New realistic personalities

4) New unlimited customization

Apparently there will be no transitions when your sims move from one place to another. They can just walk away from the house and visit anyone they want, freely. Who knows? They may walk into their nemesis or bosses (I smell interesting plots).

The new and improved “create a sim” allow more detail control of molding. I guess we can really get the look we want(I’m so reviving Anna Nicole Smith). Not only more bone structures, hair colours, skin tones and features to select from, The Sims 3 introduces a “trait system.” (It’s even patented) The sims could be given five different traits each, so I can make a neat, grumpy, control freak, emotional granny. Just to save you the work from doing the math, this allows 7 million traits combinations. YAY, not more same sims walking around!

Official web site: www.TheSims3.com

sims 3 chef create a sim 3 garden sims 3

create a sim sims 3