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Kerli: More Than Just Alternative Music

The long awaited album by Estonian artist Kerli is finally out this week. It includes previously released songs Love is Dead and Walking on Air.

As Rick Florino reviews on Artist Direct; “Love is Dead is more than just “alternative music;” it’s alternative art. Kerli’s vision extends far beyond the notes recorded on her CD, and that’s instantly apparent from her twisted fairytale aesthetic…Kerli doesn’t fit in any kind of box. There are flourishes of alt rock, industrial, electronica, metal and trip hop throughout the record. The one thing she does adhere to is the hook. These songs aren’t easily forgotten, because Kerli can carry a melody to oblivion and back. Ultimately, Kerli’s onto something that could be very significant for the disenfranchised, disillusioned 21st century youth.

Love may not be dead after all.”

Bullfrogs can help with anti-aging


Wait, did I just use bullfrogs and anti-aging in the same sentence? That’s right, according to this article, the researchers in South Korea have discovered bullfrogs’ skin contain a certain substance that removes free-radicals (which is the molecules that speeds the aging process).

So that’s right ladies and gentlemen, we can turn to bullfrogs next time instead of fighting for that body shop vitamin E lotion. Who knows? You might even find a prince in the process.