New & Famous: Chocolate-Bacon

chocolate bacon

Ok, I’ve got a sweet tooth so I adore chocolates. I also enjoy a juicy bacon once in a while, but chocolate covered bacon? I’m not so sure. candy shop in Santa Cruz called Marini’s is selling chocolate covered bacon. Now I’m confused.

Apparently it is selling pretty well, according to the phone interview with them by SLOG.

Too far away from Santa Cruz but dying for some chocolate covered bacon? Hold no more! Here’s the recipe.

4 responses to “New & Famous: Chocolate-Bacon

  1. I’ll give it a try, but don’t think I’m gonna like it…

  2. I think it might be tasty.

  3. Chocolate bacon?! That is disgusting!

  4. I made this yesturday for myself and a few of my boys. WE loved it!!

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