The new face of Gucci: James Franco

James Franco Gucci

Actor James Franco (Harry Osborn from the Spiderman movies) has just been announced to be the face of the new Gucci by Gucci men’s fragrance. “The male version of the scent, which again has been developed with the P&G Prestige Products division of Procter & Gamble, is due to launch in the autumn.”- The Daily reports. (April 16 2008, AM)

*Note – the photo above is illustration only, not an ad.

3 responses to “The new face of Gucci: James Franco

  1. I like all the movies he is playing in. They are just so interesting:)


  2. I wish they’d give us all an idea of what this new Gucci fragrance smells like since Mr. Fine Franco is attached to it! Is it earthy? Is it light & sea breezy? Is it spicy? Or WHAT!?!? I know millions of women can’t wait to see his gorgeous mug plastered up on billboards and ads all over the place!

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